Enter the address below in your cars Satellite Navigation system to make your journey easier:
501 Crawford Street, Houston, Texas 77002

Finding a parking space in Downtown Houston can be easy and inexpensive when you plan ahead.

Some small tips to be kept in mind:

  • Use a map to find parking options located near your Downtown destination.
  • Have a second location in mind in case your first choice is full.
  • Park in the area in which you have entered Downtown and to exit in the same direction.

Street parking, garage parking, and private lot parking are available, with an estimated 25,000 spots. These parking lots are within walking distance to the ballpark.

Pre-game Drop-off

Fans may be dropped off along any street adjacent to Minute Maid Park, including a protected left lane along Texas Avenue on the south side of the ballpark.

Post-game Pick-up

Following the game, the Houston Police Department will close Texas Avenue on Crawford Street for approximately 20 minutes to ensure pedestrian safety when exiting the stadium.

Once the police reopen those streets, fan pick-up is available. Pick-up areas are along the south and west sides of the ballpark. Immediate post-game pick-up is permitted along Jackson Street on the south side of Minute Maid Park. However, all vehicles picking up at that location must be attended while drivers are waiting for their guest(s) to arrive.

For fans who arrived at Minute Maid Park via charter or school buses, you will be picked up along Hamilton Street, between Preston and Texas, on the east side of Minute Maid Park.